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Indigo NXT has taken the guess work out of owning and operating a cube ice machine. Incorporating a 2.8-inch reflective touch display which provides access to features: ice machine operating status, step-by-step cleaning instructions, one touch access to the all asset information and a startup wizard to simplify the installation and ice machine set up process. Indigo NXT provides the owner with full status of ice machine, at all times.


Indigo NXT is the easiest machine to keep clean because of the following features:

  • Signature front facing evaporator allows access to the food zone 
  • Signature all white interior to easily spot grime or mold
  • New ice storage D-bin, with new hinged door that swings open
  • New ergonomic NSF scoop that keeps the thumb and knuckles from touching the ice
  • Optional fully integrated advanced sanitation solution Luminice® II keeps the foods zone cleaner longer
  • The average owner will save $1,500 over the life of the machine (Based on reducing one cleaning per year over a 10 year life of the machine).

Indigo NXT coupled with the D-bin ice storage bin, provides added sanitation while transporting ice from the bin to its designated location. The new ergonomic NSF scoop, keeps the thumb and knuckles from touching the ice and is included with every D-bin ice storage bin. The internal scoop holder keeps the handle above the ice, free from contamination. For those occasions when the scoop must be keep outside the bin, there is an optional NSF approved, external scoop holder which keeps the ice scoop covered and conveniently located.

LuminIce II Growth Inhibitor accessory
LuminIce® II Growth Inhibitor accessory

Front-facing evaporator
Front-facing evaporator

Snap-fit water pump
Snap-fit water pump

Rounded foodzone corners
Rounded foodzone corners

Removable water trough
Removable water trough

Snap-fit water probe
Snap-fit water probe


Indigo NXT is the most efficient cube ice machines on the market today. Many of the new models incorporate R410A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly and has 48% less global warming potential than previous models. All models are AHRI certified, as well as, exceed the stringent 2018 DOE (Department of Energy) minimums for energy usage. Many models are ENERGY STAR® 3.0 qualified, which makes them available for rebates from local energy companies. Indigo NXT is up to 43% more energy efficient than previous models, significantly lowering the cost of ownership.

Energy Star         DOE


Indigo NXT is the most reliable ice machines that Manitowoc has made. Over a half a million hours of testing went into developing the next generation ice machine. New reliability methodology and HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) were used to insure our machines will provide years of outstanding service.  Indigo NXT ice machines feature Active Sense software that collects data & predicts the optimal freeze for the ice machine  time no matter what variables exist.

Service & Support

  • The easyTouch display provides service data for faster and more accurate service calls.
  • The easyTouch display provides easy and quick navigation to set up and program the ice machine for all applications.
  • Firmware functional upgrades are easily made through the control board USB port.
  • The front-accessible and isolated control box keeps electricity outside of the foodzone improving overall safety.
  • The front facing evaporator and refrigeration service ports make the interior of the ice machine easier to clean and service to reduce overall cost of ownership.


Easy Frontal Service Access Ports

Easy Frontal Service Access Ports

USB Port Firmware Updates

USB Port Firmware Updates

One touch machine info

One touch machine info

Find the Indigo NXT model that fits your needs 


For the past 17 years, FE&S (Foodservice Equipment & Supplies) magazine has named Manitowoc Ice the Overall Best-in-Class in the ice maker category as voted by foodservice consultants, distributors, dealers and operators. No other ice machine manufacturer can say that. That’s why Manitowoc ice machines remain America’s #1 Selling Ice Machine.

Intelligent Thinking Inside the Box

We need ice. That’s why for me and my kitchen, it has to be Indigo® by Manitowoc. With its EasyRead® display, my Indigo takes the guesswork out of owning and operating an ice machine. From cleaning messages to self diagnostics, this machine does it all. And it costs so little to run.

Most of the models are ENERGY STAR® qualified and I save even more with the ice programming feature that automatically adjusts ice production based on our day-to-day needs.




EasyRead Display


Indigo’s EasyRead display allows for easy communication between operator and ice machine. Unique symbols
distinguish between urgent (Δ) and non-urgent () messages letting staff know how and when to react.


Machine Info

Access important information about your Indigo at the touch of a button: Model Number, Serial Number, Warranty Information, and more.


Customize the settings on your Indigo to fit your unique operation. Choose from 14 different languages, set time and date, schedule air/water filter change reminders, and more.


Use the built-in diagnostics to determine your ice production, water usage and energy usage. Then program your ice production on a daily basis to control how much ice you’d like in your bin. If desired, select the ice water miser to conserve even more water.



Communications that Never Sleep

Indigo® offers an internal communications system that constantly monitors refrigeration and sub-system controls. When issues arise they are immediately noted and can be addressed.

The electronic storing and reading of data makes servicing easier, reduces labor and machine downtime.

Indigo® is the Easiest Machine to Clean in the Industry

Surfaces and parts that require cleaning are 100% accessible from the front of the machine and can be easily removed without tools. Manitowoc raises the cleaning standard by not only designing Indigo ice machines to be easier to clean but by also offering several key technologies to help inhibit slime growth, lime deposits and mineral scale. 


LuminIce Growth
Inhibitor Accessory


Water Pump

Foodzone Corners

Water Trough

Water Probe


Indigo leads the way in energy efficiency and lifetime cost of ownership

Indigo lets you customize ice production to match your needs, making the right amount of ice you need, when you need it.
Schedule by day-of-week or time-of-day to take advantage of lower energy costs (where applicable).


Acoustical Ice Sensor

Accurately measures ice thickness for consistent cube formation, creating a quality ice cube in less time.

Acoustical Ice Sensor Patented Air Assist Harvest Technology

Speeds up the ice harvest cycle, lowering overall energy use.

Download the App 

Visit to download the app.

Manitowoc has an entire line of Indigo Ice Machines to match your production needs.
Learn more about our intelligent and efficient, Indigo Ice Machines.

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