Introducing CrystalCraft™

Author:  Cassie Johnston – Product Manager

According to the Kentucky Distiller’s Association, there are 8.1 million barrels of spirits aging in the state, with bourbon accounting for 7.5 million of those barrels.  This is the highest number of barrels in the 52-year history since record keeping began.  With this information on-hand, it’s safe to say that whiskey is “trending”!  But while trends come and go, great flavors never go out of style.  That’s why Manitowoc Ice introduced the CrystalCraft™ cube.

MII_CrystalCraft.pngOver my time at Manitowoc, I’ve often been asked by customers why we don’t make a large cocktail cube? The reality is that many of the methods used to produce these cubes rely on dated technology using mechanical processes resulting in many moving parts, and frequent breakdowns.  For bar and café operators this is not only frustrating, but repairs it can be expensive, wiping out profits from premium cocktail menus. 

The CrystalCraft is produced by Manitowoc’s latest undercounter ice machine, the USP0100.  With high production and storage, this sleek undercounter is the perfect solution for operations looking to add a special touch to their premium cocktail lineup.  It fits under standard bar counters, and produces up to 100# of ice daily, with 38# of storage.   The machine uses R-290 refrigerant, a refrigerant that is naturally occurring and has very little effect on the environment.  The USP0100 was designed for reliability, with fewer moving parts, easy one-touch cleaning, and is backed by Manitowoc’s 3-year parts and labor warranty. 
The Ice!IMG_0148~photo.PNG
Now let’s talk about the best part – the ice!  We named this cube the CrystalCraft because of its purity and clarity, which is craved by top mixologists and connoisseurs of fine craft cocktails.  The large 1” square cubes are formed individually and look great in everything from rocks tumblers to highballs.  And for the craft cocktail connoisseur, the large cubes melt slowly, cooling and enhancing the flavor and enjoyment of the most prestigious cocktails and cask-aged bourbons and whisky’s, ensuring that the last sip is a good as the first!

The case for CrystalCraft
For years craft cocktail mixologists have suffered with bulky, unreliable and expensive ice machines.  The sleek and compact USP0100 puts beautiful CrystalCraft cubes conveniently within reach, under the bar.  With Manitowoc’s 3-year parts and labor warranty, you can trust that you’ve made a great investment in your business for years to come.
If you’re looking to increase profits and impress customers with a premium beverage lineup, the CrystalCraft from Manitowoc is a cube you’ll be proud to serve! 


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