To Your Health!

Author:  Kris McKissack
We’ve all been there – a sprained ankle, a stubbed toe, or a finger burned pulling pizza from the oven.  The immediate relief provided by a bag of ice is almost priceless.  But while ice is a great first-aid remedy, it is taking on an even larger role in health and wellness.  From healthy smoothies to frigid baths, ice is taking a prominent role in the health and wellness routines of people around the world. 
Smoothie Nation
mpx-fresh-blender-(1).jpgGrowing at just under 2.0% CAGR, IBIS projects that the smoothie market in the United States alone is estimated to be in the neighborhood of $3 billion, with nearly 8,000 juice and smoothie bars employing over 77,000 people.  This growth has fueled investment and innovation in the industry, including machines such as the FreshBlender from Multiplex which offers a convenient way for consumers to make smoothies on the go.  As consumers become more conscious of creating healthier lifestyles, smoothies offer excellent convenience, portability, and flexibility as they can be tailored to individual tastes or nutritional goals. 
And of course, what’s a smoothie without ice? The clear choice for smoothie preparation is nugget ice.  With easy blending and a high ice-to-water ratio, nugget ice cools quickly and its small pieces blend easily, reducing wear and tear on blending equipment.   Manitowoc offers a range of modular nugget ice machines producing between 300-2,000 lbs. of ice daily.  These are often used in convenience stores, QSR operations, and healthcare facilities.  For smaller operations, such as cafes, health centers, and gyms, undercounter nugget ice machines offer high-volume production with a smaller footprint. 
Ice Therapy
One of the hottest trends in health is the ice bath or cold ice therapy. A brief Instagram search yields an abundance of images from celebrities to amateur athletes and yoga practitioners “enjoying” a post-workout bath in frigid, ice-filled tubs.  According to Healthline, the basic idea is that ice baths not only numb painful joints and injuries, but they also reduce inflammation by limiting blood flow.  Other advocates use ice baths to practice breathing techniques popularized by health and wellness influencers such as Wim Hof, a Dutch athlete well known for his record-breaking achievements in freezing temperatures.         
It’s difficult to gauge the size of the ice bath industry, but it is certainly catching the attention of many in the fitness and rehabilitation community.  Companies such as Whitehall Rehabilitation Products offer a range of tanks designed specifically for cold therapy.  And when you’re filling a 100-gallon tank, you’ll need a lot of ice to reach the desired temperature!  It’s not uncommon for athletes will use up to 100# of ice in a single soaking session.  More and more we’re hearing from customers who have grown tired of lugging bags of ice and are seeking solutions for onsite ice.  While it’s not for everyone, many fitness, rehabilitation, and wellness facilities are turning to commercial ice machines to meet their growing ice needs. 
To Your Health!
Whether you’re using it for first aid, to reduce inflammation, or simply to enjoy a notorious smoothie, ice can be a valuable tool in your health and wellness regimen.  And if you’re like me, there’s no better reward than a delicious iced drink after a great workout!
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