Neo:  The Unbeatable Undercounter Ice Machine

Neo:  The Unbeatable Undercounter Ice Machine
Author:  Cassie Johnston, Product Manager

Just like the bartenders and servers that use them, the Neo™ undercounter ice machine is on the front line of the hospitality industry.   The machine works fast to keep the bin full and ice close at hand when customers are clamoring for drinks and servers are anxiously drumming their fingers, waiting for drink orders to be filled.  The convenience of having ice readily available also means that your ice is possibly exposed to more outside contaminants than it would be in the back of house.   Thankfully, Neo, like all Manitowoc ice machines, was designed with sanitation in mind, and hosts built-in features and optional accessories to help guard against contamination. 

LuminIce® II
If you are brewing beer, baking bread, or grilling burgers, microscopic airborne particles of yeast, grease and dust could end up inside your ice machine. LuminIce II growth and virus inhibitor can be added to any existing or new install Neo undercounter ice machine. LuminIce II runs quietly 24/7 and works by creating active ozonated air to guard the machine from contaminants. Not only will this help to protect your machine today and every day, but you will also see savings in cleaning time and costs over the life of the machine as LuminIce II works to keep your machine cleaner for longer periods of time.

One Touch Cleaning
Operators know that the secret to serving their guests the best, freshest tasting ice starts with a clean ice machine. Neo makes it easier than ever to perform a preventative maintenance cleaning. With the intuitive touch pad, you can start a cleaning cycle with a push of a button, no need to turn off the machine or disconnect water or power. Once the machine has started the clean cycle, you simply add the correct amount of Manitowoc de-scaler or sanitizer and Neo will do the rest. After the cleaning cycle is complete, it will automatically go back to making ice. When a full deep cleaning is needed (we recommend at least every six months), all Neo components that need to be removed for cleaning, can be removed without the use of tools. The air filter is also designed to be easily popped out and cleaned.

Neo was designed to produce a large amount of ice in a small amount of space, often under a bar counter. Once it’s in place under a counter with other equipment on either side, it can be very difficult to move if maintenance work needs to be done. That’s why we designed the Neo with an easily removable bin. All you just need to do is remove a couple of screws and the bin compartment easily slides off for complete access to electrical and refrigeration components. This can all be done without having to ever move the Neo machine from its original location. 

Easy Operation
Operating an ice machine shouldn’t be complicated, that’s why the Neo was designed with an intuitive touchpad. The touchpad provides options that enhance your ice machine beyond just making ice. With the touchpad on the front of the machine, you have easy access to the on/off button, no need to remove any panels or get down to the bottom of the machine to turn it on as you will find on other machines. The delay button lets you shut off ice production for a certain period – 4, 12, or 24 hours. This way you don’t need to be making ice when you don’t need it, saving you money on electric and water costs. There is also a full bin indicator that lights up blue when the bin is full, so you know, even from across the room, that you have enough ice in your bin for the day. The service indicator light was included to give you peace of mind. When the light is flashing, it means the Neo machine has detected an issue but will continue to make ice, this gives you time to call a technician and resolve the problem before there is a total machine shutdown. 

The Frontline Ice Machine
When you need a lot of fresh clean ice, but you’re short on space, there’s no better combination than the Manitowoc Neo, paired with LuminIce II.  It’s easy to service, easy to operate, and you can trust Neo to take care of your ice, so you can take care of your customers!
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