A Winning Culture

Author:  Greg Ebel, VP of Sales

As I speak with friends, family, customers and coworkers a common theme is that this is a year that many hope to quickly forget.  Given the disruptions that have affected the health of our friends and family and impacted so many businesses across the globe, it’s easy to see why many can’t wait to close the book on 2020. 
At Manitowoc, we started the year filled with optimism and excitement.  We had a winning strategy and the support of our customers and distributors.  We all know what happened next.  But what happened next wasn’t the end of the story, it was only the beginning.  And there was a lot to learn.

​Positioned for Sanitation
One of the first things that we “learned” was that our approach to sanitation isn’t a reaction or a fad. As a company we’ve focused on sanitation and food safety for decades, and it’s ingrained in our product development.  When we say that Manitowoc ice machines are “built with sanitation in mind”, it’s not hype. 
  • A front-facing evaporator that can be inspected and cleaned by an operator standing on solid ground. 
  • White plastics, rounded corners and sealed food zones built into the design of our machines. 
  • LuminIce® II – the fully integrated benchmark for sanitation.  It provided UV sanitation technology before the world knew its effectiveness. 
Finally, when customers needed information, we learned that we were ready with cleaning and decommissioning videos and a host of tools to create confidence in a time of uncertainty. Sanitation and food safety is, and will continue to be, a non-negotiable requirement in Manitowoc ice equipment.  

Distribution and Factory Authorized Servicers
We’ve always known that Manitowoc has the best distribution and service network in the industry, and when the chips were down, they stepped up.  Businesses across the world needed to shut down operations without a clear end in sight, and our distributors and servicers were there to support them so that when the time came to reopen, it could be done with confidence, knowing their equipment wouldn't miss a beat.  And when the time came to reopen, they worked in new and creative ways to ensure that technicians had parts, equipment and support for an industry searching for new ways of serving and interacting with customers.  Whether it was offering drive-up parts and equipment pick up or offering innovative safety products, our partners put customers’ needs first.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker
Covid-19 taught us that while strategy is the framework for success, culture is the lifeblood of the business.  The culture we share between Manitowoc, our distributors, dealers, and servicers – the pride in our brand and our iconic snowflake, was demonstrated in the determined effort to keep businesses running.  Rather than waiting for a reopening, our teams learned to work from home and used the time to provide proactive training to our business partners.  We worked together to create new products and made it easier to locate sanitation solutions while preparing for reopenings. 

The teams that continued working onsite adapted to new routines, including multiple rounds of cleaning daily, wearing facemasks continually and taking extra care to ensure that everyone stays healthy and safe.  In short – our culture of teamwork and customer focus, combined with our drive to succeed has carried the business through one of the most challenging environments we may ever experience. 

The Road Ahead
We had a great start to 2020, and while the year has taken some strange turns, rather than closing the book and hoping for things to improve, we’re committed to a positive culture of learning, supporting our customers and coming out the other side better than ever.  From servicers and dealers to our employees and distributors, we are united in supporting our industry to come back strong. Our industry turned the page to a new chapter, but the book is far from finished! 

Finally, I want to thank our Manitowoc distributors, dealers and servicers for their loyalty, customer focus and determination. Together we have a winning strategy and a culture that won’t quit!  Let’s make this a year to remember!  #BetterTogether
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